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Författare: Shriberg
Förlag: Allyn & Bacon
Mediatyp: Bok
Bandtyp: Paperback
Utgiven: 2012-03-30
Språk: Engelska
Antal sidor: 408
Upplaga: 4
ISBN: 0137021062

Clinical Phonetics

Shriberg (Paperback)

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Kategori: (Vjj)

Beskrivande text

A comprehensive introduction to the art and science of clinical transcription.


Clinical Phonetics was written with the belief that the clinical application of phonetics is a specialized branch of the field that requires a particular sensitivity to the challenge of transcribing speech disorders. The three primary strengths of the fourth edition of this text continue to be: authoritative coverage of the phonetics of American English, tested skills teaching in clinical transcription using four hours of audio examples (CDs sold separately), and the discussion of a wealth of clinically-relevant topics throughout the text and numerous appendices. Other notable features of the book are its broad coverage of phonetics, including an overview of the anatomy of speech production; phonetic symbols for consonants, vowels and diphthongs; diacritics for narrow transcription; representing suprasegmentals such as stress pattern; acoustic properties of speech; and dialect. This newly revised edition of Clinical Phonetics preserves the strengths of the earlier editions but offers significant improvements in content and style.